Smoke City

Smoke City 18mm/18mm Glass on Glass Downstem Diffused

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 The Smoke City glass on glass downstem is diffused and is the heart of any Water Pipe. This downstem is a 18mm male ground joint and fits a 18mm female bowl joint. This downstem has several slits to create great diffusion and ad extra filteration. It is available in different lengths, so make sure you select the correct downstem length for your piece. You can check out our How To Measure Your Downstem  Article Here.

  • 18mm Male to 18mm Female
  • Glass on Glass 
  • Diffused Downstem Slitted
  • Measurements based of the length from the bottom of the ground joint
  • Ground Joint Size: 18mm Male
  • Bowl Joint Size: 18mm Female 
  • Lengths Available: 2.5"-5"