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Toy Story Alien Silicone Bong 4.5"

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Space Ranger's Delight: An Adventure in Every Puff

Blast off to a universe of unforgettable smoking sessions with our Toy Story Green Alien Silicone Bubbler Pipe. This charming pipe, fashioned after the lovable "Little Green Alien" from Toy Story, showcases a distinct design that's not just a talking point but a pathway to superior smoking experiences. Be the chosen one and secure this intergalactic novelty for your collection today!

Interstellar Innovation: A Galactic Upgrade

Our Toy Story Green Alien Silicone Bubbler Pipe comes with a versatile 9-Hole Glass Piece insert, allowing you to swap bowl pieces with ease. The pipe's design is not just about aesthetics; it's about providing a convenient and enjoyable experience. With a detachable head, cleaning and transportation become a breeze.

Inclusions: Your Passport to Pleasure

This package includes a 4.5” Silicone Toy Story "Little Green Alien" with a detachable head for quick and easy cleaning. Built with top-grade silicone material, it's flame and shatter-resistant, ensuring a long-lasting and safe smoking session every time.