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Smoke City Mystery Box

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The Smoke City Mystery Box

The Smoke City Mystery Box is always a surprise and filled with hand-picked items that we know you'll love!!! The Mystery Box is packed with things from glass bongs, dab rigs, pipes, vaporizers and more. All at a super discounted price.

What's In The Box?

Everyone likes surprises and gifts!! So we've put together some mystery boxes filled with some of the coolest and hottest smoking gear out. You will receive a box of greater value than the original value of items in the box!!!

Each box has a total value 1.5X - 2X it's price. That means when you spend $200 you are really receiving at least $300-400 worth of products. 



NOTE: Image of Box for marketing purposes only.

Disclaimer: The items included will vary and cannot be requested. Mystery Boxes are final sale items and may not be returned or exchanged.