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SILICONE Grenande Nectar Collector

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SILICONE Grenade Nectar Collector


This unique grenade themed nectar collector kit features a unique design that allows this nectar collector to function both dry and wet. The internal chamber with perc allows you to put water inside for diffusion and cooling. The silicone grenade is 4" tall and made from pure food grade silicone so you don't have to worry about any harmful chemicals. This kit includes  a dab station tray that holds the Grenade up when you are done dabbing. No more burned tables or carpets! The dab station also features a Dabbing Pocket so you can store your favorite dabs. Grade 2 Titanium is the standard dabbing preference and with it's high heat retention you can take epic dabs off this setup. The included stainless steel dabber works perfectly for scooping and transferring your dabs to the tray.

  • Grade 2 Titanium Straw
  • 4'' Silicone Grenade
  • Stainless Steel Dabber
  • Dab Dish
  • Assorted colors

    Note: Include Color you would like. If the color your request is not in stock, we will send you out the most popular color in stock.