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Lookah Unicorn Mini Electric Dab Rig

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The Unicorn Mini Electric Dab Rig. 

  • It is one of the most portable electric dab rigs available today.
  • Compatible with LOOKAH 710 Wax Cart Series
  • Three preset voltages control the vapor
  • Glass bubbler for smoother water filtration hits
  • Magnetic top makes it easy to load
  • Dab tool is included in the base
  • 950mAh battery with up to 100 heat cycles per charge

The Unicorn Mini's compact size and affordability make it one of the best electric dab rigs.

This mini e-rig has a compact design and sits comfortably in your hand., The bubbler sits over the heat element, so there is no need for carb caps. With the built-in heat source, the Unicorn Mini is easy to use. You won't need a butane torch like with traditional dab rigs and quartz bangers.

This electric rig comes with two 710 threaded coils. The built-in 950mAh battery packs a punch, meaning this battery-powered rig can do up to 100 heat cycles at a single charge, making it the best e-dab rig for traveling.

Like the first-generation Unicorn, its little brother, the Unicorn Mini, uses powerful magnets to hold the glass over the battery unit.

This means it's easy to lift the glass bubbler off for access to the 710 atomizers when loading the device, but the top stays firmly in place when in use. 

The battery base has a hidden dab tool that slides elegantly away when not needed. A single button allows you to turn the device on and off (with five clicks).

Variable voltage replaces a temperature setting on this device. Adjust the temperature (with two clicks), and vape (press and hold the button). 

The button has a light behind it indicating the mode and voltage settings, of which there are three. 

Low 3.5V (green)

Med 3.7V (blue)

High 3.9V (white)

Coming with two coils, you'll get plenty of use right out of the box. Lookah's  710 wax pen coil range means you can choose from ones to preserve flavor, create bigger vapor clouds, or conserve your wax. 

Utilizing USB type C charging, this mini wax rig is quicker to recharge, with the 950mAh battery going from zero to full in under 2.5hours. You can even charge it from a power bank or USB port on your car for easier charging when away from the mains. 

This mini erig is the best travel companion for water-filtered rips. Take it to the park, take a hike in the countryside, take a day trip to the beach, or go wherever your next adventure takes you, and elevate the experience with a silky smooth dab. 

How to use the Unicorn Mini

1) Turn on the device by pressing the power button 5 times in quick succession.

2) The Unicorn mini will enter a preheat cycle when you switch it on. After this, you can press the power button 2 times in quick succession to change the voltage setting. Low/Medium/ High.

3) Remove the top and put a little water in the bubbler, (the water should be just above the percolation holes)

4) Use a dab tool to place a small amount of wax into the top of the 710 wax vaporizer coil.

5) Replace the top part of the Unicorn.

6) Press and hold the button for up to 10 seconds at a time, place your lips on the mouthpiece, and inhale steadily to vape.

7) Once you have finished vaping, you can turn off the Mini Unicorn erig by pressing the power button 5 times. 

Note: Please do not leave water in the bubbler when not in use, and clean the device regularly to prevent residue build-up.

Kit comes with 

1 Lookah Unicorn Mini Device (Base & Glass)

1 Silicone Stopper Mouthpiece

2 710 Quartz Coils (1 Pre-Installed)

1 Cleaning Tool

1 Dab Tool

1 User Manual


1) Battery: 950mAh

2) Auto Pre-heat

3) Glass Bubbler

4) Replaceable 710 Coil

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