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Insane Glass Chillum - Purple Teal Red Twist

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Insane Glass Chillum - Purple Teal Red Frit Twist

Chillum Pipes are the perfect glass piece to take with you on the go or just use it home. This Chillum Pipe from Insane Glass is vivid in color and sits nicely without rolling off the table because of the 3 stoppers on the bowl. It's Purple, Teal and Red in color and made with frit glass. It's 3.25" in length is guaranteed to give you distance from your face so you don't burn those precious hairs. 

  • Insane Glass Chillum
  • Frit Glass 
  • Color: Purple, Teal and Red
  • Length 3.25"
  • Flat mouth piece for 
  • 3 Glass balls on bowl to insure it doesn't roll off the table
  • Made in the U.S.A.