HiSi 15" 5mm BEAKER BONG

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HiSi 15" 5mm BEAKER BONG


  • Height: 15 in
  • Base Width: 4 in
  • Made with 7mm borosilicate tubing
  • 4.5 in Swiss diffused downstem
  • 14mm male bowl included
  • Etched Logo
  • Made in Northern California

Hi-Si offers scientific approaches to your smoking and vaporizing experience. By maximizing cooling capabilities and minimizing drag each piece delivers an ideal hit every time. Eliminate hot, dry rips from your life with a perfectly percolating work of art.

The reigning champion of water pipe design is the Beaker. This basic build is made from seven millimeters thick borosilicate tubing and features a triple-pinch ice catch. The smooth-hitting Swiss diffused downstem really makes this piece purr.