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Acrylic Gas Mask Bong

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Acrylic Gas Mask Bong

If you’re interested in gas mask bongs for sale, look no further. This mask has 5 tightening straps to ensure it is airtight. As seen on several stoner comedies such as "Knocked Up," this novelty gas mask water pipe is great for parties or a gift. Includes a 9" acrylic waterpipe with a 1.5" diameter and is comes in several colors.

You Need a Gas Mask Bong

Even though most people are looking for gas mask bongs for sale as novelties, they’re also super functional.

This product has all of the following features:

  • Real, High-Quality Gas Mask
  • 9" Acrylic Waterpipe
  • Built-In Carb for Bigger Hits
  • 5 Tightening Straps
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Glow in the Dark Color Options

NOTE: Pipe shape and color may vary. Each pipe of these gas mask bongs for sale will be chosen completely at random. You may request certain colors in the comments section at checkout but color choice cannot be guaranteed.