Seed Of Life Glassworks

Seed of Life - Blasted Sacred-G Mini Vapor Rig

Regular price $399.99

Mini Vapor Rig features:

  • Includes Sandblasted Flower of Life patterns
  • Perc: Lace Disc Perc
  • Inverted Splash Guard
  • Constricted Neck Mouthpiece with Flared Lip
  • Reinforced Stemless Design with Direct Inject
  • Direct Inject Joint: 14 mm Male
  • Sandblasted Top Load Vapor Dome Included
  • Vapor Dome Joint: 14 mm Female
  • Concentrate Nail: Not Included
  • Height To Top of Mouthpiece: 7.50" inches (Sizes Vary)
  • Height To Top of Vapor Dome: 5.00" inches
  • Flared Foot Base Diameter: 3.25" inches
  • Glass Thickness: 5 mm
  • Made in California

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