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Flat Top Quartz Banger w/ Cup Insert 18MM

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18mm Flat Top Quartz Banger With Cup Insert

This Flat Top Quartz Banger Nail with Cup Insert is a new style of quartz banger that features a unique design. The flat top design allows you to use a variety of different carb caps to increase vaporization and flavor. The most notable advantage of this quartz banger is the cup insert. This allows you to either heat the nail and fill the cup with your waxes and oil and then drop it into the banger nail. Or you can heat the insert and drop it into your nail using a pair of tweezers. We recommend heating your nail as you normally would and then dropping the insert into the nail filled with your concentrates. This not only provides amazing flavor and vaporization but it also keeps your flat top quartz banger nail looking brand new.


  • Flat Top Quartz Banger
  • Polished Joint
  • 18mm Joint
  • Includes Cup Insert
  • High-Quality Quartz
  • 2mm Thick Quartz
  • Keep Your Nail Clean
  • 20mm Insert cup
  • Improves Heat Retention
  • Increase Life Span of Your Nail

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