High Voltage

High Voltage Premium Detox Drink 16oz

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High Voltage Premium Detox Drink 16oz

When you need to remove unwanted toxins from your body and you need to do it fast, grab a High Voltage Detox Drink. Each 16-ounce bottle of High Voltage contains a unique blend of B vitamins, creatine, and nutrients that remove those toxins you want to get rid of. 

To use this detox drink by High Voltage, simply drink the entire bottle then down 16-ounces of water. Wait about 15 minutes, then drink another 16-ounces of water. High Voltage gets to work fast. Its effectiveness kicks in just 30 minutes while the effects last a full 7 hours. This drink is available in a wide assortment of great-tasting flavors. Pick your favorites and order today.

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