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Tri Leaf Sandblasted Glass Bong - 14" - Beaker

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Tri Leaf Sandblasted Glass Bong - 14" - Beaker

  • Style: Beaker
  • Height 14"
  • Tubing 50 x 9mm
  • Joint and bowl size 14mm
  • Diameter of Mouth 2.5"
  • Height from base to joint 4"
  • Base Diameter 5"
  • Ice Catcher
  • Sandblasted Glass with Tri Leaf design
  • Small Details: Elephant joint complete with a 3 hole ice pinch and 6 slitted open-end down stem. Deeply carved geo leaf pattern with a large tri leaf on base.

Looking for one of the dopest thickest sandblasted beaker Water Pipes? Well, look no further because this Sandblasted bong will keep you company for many years to come and will definitely hold up with its 9mm tubing. The attention to detail on this piece is ridiculous. Make sure you watch your friends when they try to hit it. They just might take off running with it because it's a work of art!

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