Heady Glass vs Scientific Glass?

Heady Glass vs Scientific Glass

Questions that we get

Heady Glass vs Scientific Glass is the topic of today. Glass has come a long way from the early days of the standard Hand pipe, bubbler or simple Glass Bong. Today the option of buying a new glass piece to smoke out of come in many sizes and options. Some of the questions our customers always ask is what is the difference between Heady Glass and Scientific Glass Bongs? Why are some heady glass dab rigs so expensive? Do they smoke better or differently than other glass rigs or bongs? What do they mean when a bong is considered a scientific piece? Well if you're reading this then you might have the same questions. So we're going to break it down for you guys.

Scientific Glass is a Science

Scientific Glass bongs, dab rigs and water pipes are truly craftsmanship at it's core. Scientific Glass often has a laboratory and scientific style design to it, with a percolator that creates extra diffusion and filtration. Scientific Glass are usually production pieces that are mass produced, which means they just get better at making them every single time. They are great for an every day go to glass piece.

A Scientific Glass Bong can be upgraded with a different style diffused downstem or ash catcher, and even slide bowl. You might remember back in the day when a glass bong had  removable slide / bowl that had a long stem with rubber grommets (martini bowl). Today scientific glass eliminates the use of grommets and use glass on glass bowls that fit into a glass on glass grounded joint downstem. With the glass on glass option you get a better seal and your options to upgrade the piece is increased a hundred fold.

Brands like RooR, US Tubes, Toro, Seed Of Life to name a few are some of the best made Scientific Glass pieces around. Scientific glass prices can range from $20 and can reach the thousand dollar marks. Prices are based off the craftsmanship, the material used to make the pieces, like boro, german shot glass and pyrex. Even the glass on glass joints that are used are calculated into the price of the piece depending on the material used like german shot lens joints. 

Art Meets Function when it comes to Heady Glass

Heady Glass is where the word "high end" is usually used when it comes to describing the detailed work of some of the most beautiful pieces being made. There is no denying that some of the Heady Glass that is being produced is just on another level.

There are glass blowers that have gained recognition, not just as glass blowers, but as glass artist and have collectors fighting over there pieces. These pieces are amazingly worked, functional art pieces, and are primarily made of colorful designs and originality, rather than focusing on function like scientific glass. Don't get me wrong the function is absolutely amazing as well, but focus and time is apparent in the art of the piece.

Heady Glass are one of kind pieces and are the go to when a collector is looking for a unique glass piece. Some artist are treated and looked at as Rock Stars in the industry, and have fan base lining up to snag one of there pieces. Elbo, Darby, CL1, Niko Cray, Cowboy, Salt, Jebb, Akm, Freeek, Merc, Wyo, Ryan Fitt, Coyle, Ryno, N3RD are just a few of the popular heady glass artist out there.

Heady glass come in different style pieces like dab rigs, hand pipes, pendants, dabbers and even slide bowls. 

Scientific Glass and Heady Glass Meet

So you like the colors and designs of heady glass but want superior function? Today you'll find Scientific glass with a little heady glass work on it and you'll find heady glass with the function of scientific glass. At the end of the day it comes down to the end user and what there personal preference is when it comes to finding the piece they want to use. There's a piece for everyone. What do you use to smoke?

Ready to find your perfect piece? Shop our Scientific Glass collection or Heady Glass collection here at Smoke City online or our retail store located in North Highlands California. 

All Items mentioned in this article are for tobacco and legal use only.

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