What do you use to smoke? Glass Pipes, Bongs, Dab Rigs?

What do you use to smoke? Glass Pipes, Bongs, Dab Rigs?

The Times are Changing and so is the way we buy our smoking accessories. 

Times have changed and so has the smoking industry. We all know when we are looking for a hand pipe, bong, dab rig or any other smoking utensil the first place we think of is going to our favorite smoke shop / head shop. Now a days you don't even need to leave your house to get the piece you're in search of. The internet has become a staple and is now second nature when it comes to finding anything we need. The question is, what is it a smoker is looking for and what is there preference when it comes to smoking? Is it a glass pipe, bong / water pipe, dab rig or just some good old fashion rolling papers

Smoking like an OG 

Back in the day the go to smoking tools that were primarily used were your good old rolling papers and pipes. (Sometimes an apple). There weren't as many glass blowers as there are today so the selection was minimum and so was the detail of the work, but at that time they were perfection!!! Glass pipes became even more popular when different styles started being created, like sherlock pipes, chillums and bubblers. Taking it to another level was when the OG in the industry Bob Snodgrass accidently created a fumed glass pipe. Today we know them as color changing pipes. You know the ones that start changing beautiful colors as you smoke through them. 

Today hand pipes are still popular and come in different sizes, shapes and designs. Some hand pipes, depending on the artist and work, can cost you thousands of dollars. 

Pass the Bong

Forward time and welcome the glass bong, also referred to as a glass water pipe to the game. The beauty with a bong / water pipe is that you get extra filtration which in return means smoother and cleaner hits. Originally a water pipe would be made up of the actual piece itself, no bells or whistles with a non diffused down stem. The only filtration that was taking place was that of the down stem being immersed at the bottom of the base filled with water. 

Fast forward to today and Bongs have taken on a new life. They come in different sizes, diffused down stems, different style percolators like shower-head percs, umbrella / tree percs, matrix percs and so many more to list. You can even purchase bongs with ice catchers to get a cooler hit. Bongs / Water Pipes are not going anywhere any time soon. They will be around until the test of time. 

Dab Rigs What???

In the past few years a new way of smoking has emerged and so have pieces known today as Dab Rigs. Smaller is better when it comes using Dab Rigs. The reason for that is because when dabbing the smoke tends to go staler quicker so the shorter the distance from nail to mouth the better and richer the flavor. There are pieces so small now a days that can fit in your pocket or be worn around your neck as a pendant. Pretty cool right! Ever since Dab Rigs have become so popular so have the prices increased on some of these amazing pieces. Pieces have been sold for several hundred thousands of dollars Artist today are becoming famous in the industry. Glass blowers like Darby, Merc, Elbo, Jason Lord, CL1, Coyle, Ryan Fitt, and Salt to name a few are among the elite in the glass world. They create pieces that sometimes aren't even used and put up on a shelf as glass art, appreciating in value over time. 

Accessories like Titanium and Quartz Nails, Dabbers and Carb Caps are also a must to every Dab Rig. Some of the popular nails today like Quave bangers, Highly Educated domeless titanium and quartz nails, and Hive ceramics are also premium items with a premium price tag. 

So what's your favorite piece to use?

We'd love to hear from you guys on what pieces you reach for when it's that time? 

If you're in need of a new glass pipe, bong / water pipe, dab rig or just some papers well then you're in the right place. Shop around and if at any time you have a question don't hesitate to drop us a line. We strive to be the best shop arround.

All Items mentioned in this article are for Legal Smokeable Herb and legal use only.

What do you use to smoke? Glass Pipes, Bongs, Dab Rigs




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