Horns Bee

Horns Bee Rolling Thunder Electric Herb Grinder

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Horns Bee Rolling Thunder Electric Herb Grinder w/ 500mAh Battery & Integrated Cone Holder (Black)

Horns Bee Rolling Thunder is all-in-one rolling machine perfectly grinds your favorite raw materials with a simple click, and automatically fills your paper cone within seconds. The aluminum alloy grinder is precisely machined for significant wear resistance. Tough polycarbonate filler stores the cone with full protection while you can still watch the process. As manual grinders, the direction is changed when a clog is detected, but all automatically! The cone is firmly auto filled from the filter tips to the closing end to minimize air entrapment. It is the only accessory you need and can be brought to a party, picnic, or fishing trip where a table and tray might not be accessible. While fully charged, the grinder can run 150 rolls. If it’s out of juice, simply use a Type-C charger. To clean the device, a set of two brushes purposed for the grinder and the filler tube is included. To charge it up, use the attached Type-C cable.